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Connor Bedard
Calgary, Alberta
"I had three different things that needed to be done in my home from flooring to electrical to roofing and Pro-Home made it easy to find all of my criteria in one place.

It was straightforward using Pro-Home. The site was thorough and convenient to find workers for all of my projects in the time that I needed."
Dennis Gilbert
Wembley, Alberta
"I absolutely love using Pro-Home. No need to do erroneous searches and research all over the internet. This site is like a librarian handing you the book. Thank you, guys!"
Milan Lucic
Castor, Alberta
"It has been helpful having such a thorough database of service people that I can access easily when I need fixing done in my home. Instead of researching for countless hours for companies, this site eliminated the hunting of the web.

From being matched for a plumbing job, I was able to get service quickly after choosing the best candidate for the job. Very happy. "